Breastfeeding Support Services

Welcome! If you are here that means you’re either pregnant and anticipate needing breastfeeding help or you have your baby in your arms and need help now.
I Need Help NowI Might Need Help Soon

My Baby is Here. Breastfeeding is Hard.

I need support ASAP!

First of all, We’re glad you found us. Realizing that things aren’t going quite right and being willing to seek help is a big deal. Most breastfeeding challenges can be solved if they are caught quickly, so we have several options to get you on the right track ASAP.

All in-home and virtual services have a sliding scale option.

If things are tough and you are feeling frustrated, this is exactly the visit for you. We will come right to your door (no need to clean or get out of your pajamas). we’ll start by listening to your concerns. Then we’ll provide a complete assessment of lactation, breastfeeding and baby’s suck. That information, together with your feeding goals will guide us as we create a care plan that is nurturing for the whole family. You’ll also learn positioning and latching techniques that make feeding more comfortable. This appointment is calm and un-rushed. Other family members are welcome to participate. Cost $250

What’s Included?

  • Feeding assessment
  • Physical assessment of nursing parent and baby
  • Weighing baby
  • Care plan
  • Resource packet
  • Unlimited phone support

This package is perfect if you are concerned about:

  • baby’s latch or nipple pain
  • low milk supply
  • baby not gaining weight
  • mastitis or plugged ducts
  • special needs of nursing parent or baby
  • multiple babies
  • tongue or lip tie

Once you have established care as one of my clients, We’re more than happy to schedule follow up visits to keep your breastfeeding experience on track. Following up allows us to see your progress, and together we can adjust your care plan as you move closer to your goal. Continue to learn about your baby’s needs and abilities, as well as your own. This one hour appointment is available in your home. Cost $175

What’s Included?

  • Reviewing what has changed/not changed
  • Updated care plan
  • Weight checks for baby


This package is perfect if you are concerned about:

  • Ensuring care plan is working
  • Baby weight gain
  • Milk supply

A virtual consultation can get you help when being in-person just isn’t possible. We can help with latching and getting you and baby in a comfortable feeding position. We will show you how to do parts of the assessment. We aren’t able to be as thorough as an in-person visit but many questions can be answered. We will discuss your concerns and identify a plan that works for you and supports your feeding goals. Cost $175

What’s Included?

  • Discussion of your concerns
  • Feeding observation
  • Guided suck assessment
  • Care plan
  • Resources emailed

This package is perfect if you are concerned about:

  • Typical feeding or baby behavior
  • Expressing and storing milk
  • Returning to work planning
  • Introducing complimentary food
  • Healthy infant sleep patterns
support subscription

Lactation Connection

Hey Siri…what is baby poop supposed to look like? If you’ve been hitting Google too much for general breastfeeding advice and would like to just talk to a real human being who knows what they are doing, this is the package for you! Talk to an IBCLC who can answer common feeding questions that come up throughout the year, and through weaning. We can help you sift through the advice you get from family, friends, and podcasts. We’ll provide researched-based information, and our clinical expertise to support you in reaching your feeding goals.

Cost $30 for one month of service

What’s Included?

  • One month of 10 minute phone calls or email support
  • Estimate of 1-2 calls over the duration of the service

 This package is perfect if you are concerned about:

  • Quick lactation or feeding questions (~10min)
  • Common questions about nursing, bottle feeding, pumping, milk storage, typical baby growth patterns, teething, introducing complimentary food, coordinating family support, returning to work

I Think I Might Need Some Help

I want to get off to a good start!

Many parents know they want to have breastfeeding help ready to go ahead of time. Planning is a good thing! I offer several different options.

Breastfeeding is normal and natural, like everyone says, but it helps to plan ahead for success. If you’d prefer a more personal, private consultation to learn the basics, discuss specific health concerns that may affect breastfeeding, and make a plan to help you get off to a good start this is for you.  This service is virtual. Cost $125 virtual or $175 in-person

What’s Included?

  • Prenatal Consultation

This package is perfect if you are concerned about:

  • A previous challenging breastfeeding experience
  • Health-related concern that may affect breastfeeding
  • Wanting to plan ahead for what to expect after baby’s born

You and your baby were made to do this— but nursing doesn’t always happen perfectly. You can set your baby up for the best possible start by being prepared. After attending this class you will know exactly what you need for a successful journey breastfeeding your baby.

What’s Included?

  • 2 hour in virtual class
  • Resource packet

This class is perfect if you are concerned about:

  • being a breastfeeding newbie
  • knowing how your body makes milk
  • how to troubleshoot problems
  • understanding baby’s hunger cues
  • have a partner that wants to help too