Nurture New Life nurtures parents so they can nurture their baby

Nurture New Life nurtures parents so they can nurture their baby

Breastfeeding support in the comfort of your own home -- where you are nursing now.

Comprehensive breastfeeding support -- and we bill most insurance.

Prepare to breastfeed before baby arrives.

Talk through questions or concerns with an IBCLC.

In-home and office visits available.

Prenatal Consultation: Feel confident in your ability to feed your baby. Ask questions in a private and safe environment. Did you have difficulty nursing previously? Do you have health history that may impact your ability to breastfeed? Resolve fear, expand knowledge, create a plan and gain confidence.

Initial Consultation: Feel reassured that you can feed your baby. We help you learn positioning and latching techniques that make feeding more comfortable. We provide a complete assessment of lactation, breastfeeding and suckling. That information, together with your feeding goals will guide us as we create a care plan that is nourishing and nurturing for the whole family.

Follow-Up Consultation: Following-up allows us to see your progress, and together we can adjust your care plan as you move closer to your goal. Continue to learn about your baby’s needs and abilities, as well as your own.

Return to Work Planning: Preparing to return to the workplace can feel stressful. Meet one-on-one to discuss your concerns and create a plan that fits you specific work and family situation.

Breastfeeding Classes: Learn the basics to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Knowing the signs that breastfeeding is working builds confidence in yourself, and your baby. Recognizing the signs that you may need more help will prevent delay in getting additional support early.

Tele-Health: Talk to an IBCLC over the phone or through secure video-conference. We will hear your concerns, offer ideas and support, and will let you know when an in-person consultation is needed.

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