Here are some testimonials from recent clients.

If you have a testimony of how Nurture New Life has helped your breastfeeding relationship, we would love it if you would email us. Thanks!

Catherine was the answer to turning around a desperate situation of pain and frustration right after giving birth. Her bedside manner was warm and caring, and she provided information and choices that were helpful and empowering. Our follow-up conversations were encouraging and supportive. I give Catherine five stars!…. thank you again!!!!


We feel so lucky to have been referred to Catherine! We were given her name by a well known and respected lactation consultant in the area who was busy at the time we had our baby. Catherine came over the day that we called her (day 2 of our son’s life) and was wonderful! She took the time with us that we needed, was calm, gentle, and kind. My partner tells people that the money we spent on the home visit was some of the best money that we spent! Not only was Catherine available during the home visit but she continued to be beyond helpful when questions came up for us. She always got back to me in a timely fashion and if (on the rare occasion) she did not have an answer on hand, she researched and took time to find an answer and/or send me information. She also referred us to other practitioners that could potentially be helpful. She sent information to my pediatrician so that I did not need to repeat everything to her about what we had discussed, this was very helpful. Catherine has a family too, yet she made me feel like my family was also a priority for her.

Possibly most important (for me) was that Catherine made me feel empowered. She made me feel as though the decisions we were making for our family were right and okay for our situation. She made me feel supported. She is very knowledgeable.

Our family feels very thankful for Catherine and her genuine, kind, and knowledgeable help, and at the time when we needed it. She made us feel like the capable parents that we wanted to be (and are), in charge of our new baby’s life and making decisions for him. She listened to me, on multiple occasions, and for that I am so grateful and thankful for her and her expertise.

I have shared Catherine’s name with several colleagues and am confident that they too will be pleased with her care. I would not hesitate to share Catherine’s name with anyone who needed a lactation consultant. Catherine was helpful to us on so many levels and we are very thankful for her.

Katie S.

I had the good fortune of meeting Catherine and having her support through a very difficult time I had after the birth of my son. My baby was not able to latch properly, and I was devastated. Catherine was wonderful, bringing hope, calm and her expertise to a hard situation. I would recommend her highly to any new mom needing a little (or a lot of) extra support and guidance.


Catherine came to my rescue with great compassion and knowledge when I was beginning to wonder whether breastfeeding would ever work for my baby and me. She did a thorough exam of my newborn and correctly diagnosed him as having a posterior tongue tie, then followed up with extensive notes and helped get me connected with the right specialists to help us. Since having our consultation with Catherine and getting the follow-up care she recommended, we have gone from mostly pumping and bottle feeding to exclusively breastfeeding. Catherine was pivotal in getting us on track to having a wonderful nursing relationship. I absolutely recommend her!

Courtney H.

Catherine’s calm and comforting presence along with a wealth of knowledge helped me become confident in my nursing. I had two main concerns: my son’s latch, and was I producing enough. After educating me on how a baby is supposed to latch and suck I was able to correct my son’s latch issues that were causing him to suck air occasionally. We did a few sessions of weighing my son pre- and post- feeding to determine how much he was getting in an average feeding. Turns out I was producing the right amount. Without her help and guidance I would have given up and turned to formula. I’m so glad I didn’t because I love the bond that I’m developing with my son.