Classes Offered

Classes are designed for small groups. Mothers and partners, or the main support person are both encouraged to attend.

Nourishing Newborns™  (2.5 hours) $75

FREE when purchasing Breastfeeding Essentials Care Package or Thresholds Childbirth class.

Learn the basics to get breastfeeding off to a good start. Knowing that breastfeeding is working builds confidence in yourself, and your baby. Recognizing the signs that you may need more help will prevent delay in getting additional support early.

Helpful for:

  • Parents new to breastfeeding


  • Partner’s impact on breastfeeding
  • Prenatal preparation
  • Latching techniques
  • How to build and maintain milk supply
  • Signs that baby is getting enough
  • Resources for more support

Upcoming Classes:   2017 Dates:  October 24th, December 19th                           2018 Dates: February 13th, April 10th, June 26th

7:00-9:30pm at Thresholds classroom in North Seattle. Click here to register.


Returning to Work Planning (2 hours) $50

Preparing to return to the workplace can feel stressful. In this class we acknowledge the various feelings nursing parents may have as they get ready to return to the workplace. This allows for self-care as you and your family move through this transition. Learn what to say to your employer and child’s caregiver, create a plan that feeds your baby, and protects your breastfeeding relationship. Knowing what you and your baby need, and how to plan reduces stress and worry, and makes for a smoother adjustment.

Helpful for:

  • Planning to return to work or school during the first year
  • Thinking through logistics of breastfeeding and bottle feeding
  • Learning my rights and employer responsibilities


  • How to talk to your employer
  • When to start preparing
  • Strategies to maintain milk supply
  • How to balance breast and bottle feeding
  • How your baby’s care provider can support breastfeeding
  • Specific tips for various types of industries
  • Resources for more support