Online Resources



General Breastfeeding Information
Describes why it works and how to do laid-back breastfeeding.
La Leche League articles, podcasts, find local groups for mother-to-mother support
Reliable breastfeeding information on a wide range of topics
Offers a general breastfeeding help including current information about post-partum
depression and breastfeeding
Video clips of normal breastfeeding, breast compression, swallowing,


Low Milk Supply and Breast Surgery
Detailed guide for mothers wanting to increase their milk supply.
Information and support for mothers breastfeeding after breast reduction surgery
Information about, and suggestion for treating low milk supply


Expressing Milk
Video demonstrating the “Hands-on pumping” technique.


Reflux and Colic
Webinar on holistic treatment of reflux in infants


Medications and Breastfeeding
Current data about what medications are safe to take while breastfeeding


How to identify and treat tongue-tie
Describes the impact a tongue-tie can have on breastfeeding


Returning To Work
Work and breastfeeding resources
Fair Labor Standards Act rules requiring employers to provide time and space for pumping at work.
Washington state breastfeeding laws